Big Lazy is the instrumental trio from New York City. Their music dwells in the unmistakable landscape of gritty yet gracefully crafted American music. Simultaneously noir and pastoral, gothic and modern, Big Lazy conjures images of everything from big sky country to seedy back rooms. With sparse instrumentation—electric guitar, acoustic bass and drums—the trio creates richly evocative soundscapes with a distinctly narrative quality and an undeniable sense of place.   

Big Lazy has released four albums on the Tasankee Label and after a hiatus of several years – leader Stephen Ulrich spent time as the composer for the HBO series Bored to Death and most recently the film Art and Craft  – the band is back with a new album, “Don’t Cross Myrtle”.                                                                                                 



 Big Lazy in The New Yorker November 2014

"Big Lazy, the elegantly gritty instrumental trio led by the extraordinary guitarist Stephen Ulrich, plays stunningly beautiful music that evokes everything from truckers' romps to the haunting film scores of Bernard Herrmann."     The New Yorker

"The Big Apple Crème de la Crème: an instrumental trio that doesn't so much balance jazz dexterity and rock aggression as stick 'em both in your ear. Right, they're suitable for soundtracks. But anybody who wants to call them ambient better talk to me first."   Robert Christgau

 One New York band with a knack for terror is the supple, vocalless guitar-bass-drums trio Big Lazy. On their eponymous CD they conjure dark streets where you can hear sirens wail and trucks rumble.    Playboy Magazine

Given these days of boilerplate, prefab pop culture, it's pretty damn rare that you actually hear anything truly original. Thank the gods then for Big Lazy, an all-instrumental Brooklyn trio who, while influenced by the past, are in no way beholden to it. Combining Rain Dogs -era Tom Waits, bottom-heavy Link Wray grind, and a certain rockabilly savoir, this guitar-bass-drum trio raises a compellingly inventive racket. Daring,noirish music ideal for the soundtrack to the film you wish Quentin Tarantino would make.                   Creative Loafing Atlanta

It’s not enough to call the veteran local group Big Lazy virtuosic. True, the instrumental trio’s precise evocation of urban moods and tensions is done with wrist-flick assuredness. But anyone can practice themselves into slick competence; these guys tuck their magic into subtle details…It’s Big Lazy’s ease with a range of emotions—peering up from NYC’s gutters and down from the city’s night sky—that makes its music right for jukeboxes in bars both divey and swank. Time Out NY

Listening to Big Lazy's music evokes images of a late night/early morning drive on David Lynch's Lost Highway. Tom Waits is at the wheel, the local rockabilly station is blasting loud and clear, and nobody's saying a word - the boys just keep passing the bottle of whiskey back and forth. And there might be blood on their hands - it's hard to tell in this light.           Village Voice